Jeep Comanche

Jeep Comanche

The Jeep Comanche falls into the category of pickup vehicles based on the Jeep Cherokee compact SUV which came into production in 1985. It was launched at a massive event in Las Vegas before 1500 AMC dealers as well representatives of Chinese government. This was in the hope of creating a Beijing Jeep Company to manufacture the model in China.

The basic 2 wheel model was launched at a price of just $7000 which made the lowest price Jeep vehicle at the time. Over the next seven years a variety of models were introduced but even under the stewardship of Chrysler could not generate sufficient sales to justify its continuance.

As the last Jeep pickup,  the Jeep Comanche occupies a special place in the heart of its admirers. It has proved to a very sturdy off road vehicle and a most desirable utility vehicle, work truck, foul weather truck and also increasingly as a fun vehicle. It’s difficult to explain the attraction of the Jeep Comanche but many owners have enjoyed many thrilling off road experiences with it ,while many others find it a true friend and reliable workhorse. It’s definitely a Jeep thing and since its inception thousands of users have been satisfied with every aspect of the vehicle while running up thousands and thousands of miles.

Because of its unique nature and design the Jeep Comanche has commanded higher resale prices and greater devotion among its owners than many other Jeep models. It is also much revered for its extremely rugged build and particularly those models fitted with the AMC engine and transmission.

jeep comanche

jeep comanche

Almost 20 years after the last model rolled off the production line there remains strong interest in the Jeep Comanche with many clubs and rallies where owners will happily demonstrate the many abilities of this remarkable vehicle.

Their popularity remains such that spares both old and new remain readily available not to mention the multiplicity of specialist accessories that exist. In short the Jeep Comanche looks set to continue its remarkable lifespan and even nineteen years after it was discontinued retains a special attachment for its many admirers.

Customising Your Jeep Comanche

You can easily customize a Jeep Comanche with some simple adjustments. You can choose to use either genuine Jeep parts which always look great or you can make considerable savings by buying from a reputable accessories supplier where you can often find the parts that will really set your vehicle apart from the crowd.

When thinking about customizing your Jeep Comanche, the first thing you may want to consider is fitting a soft top. A hard top is good for the winter months but in the summer you want to able to drive your Jeep Comanche and enjoy the mountain air and feeling of being at one with the great outdoors.

Customized Jeep Comanche

Customized Jeep Comanche

Soft tops will shield you from the glare of the sun and occasional rain. They are available with quick release fasteners which detach and reattach in a fraction of the time it takes to mess with your hard top. Usually they’re made from heavy duty, vinyl coated cotton and polyester and sealed with heat seal tape. They are also very durable and worth thinking about when customising your Jeep Comanche

Another popular Jeep Comanche accessory is a jeep rack. This will help to transport safely and easily things you can’t get inside. They frequently have the capacity to hold up to 300Ibs.

Fender Flares are useful shields for protection from road debris by extending the reach of your fenders. You have to keep in mind the larger your wheels, the more protection will be required. Fender Flares are very easy to install and come in a wide variety of styles and give you that “Limited Edition” look at a fraction of the cost.


When you use your jeep for long journeys in varying conditions, then frequently lots of dust, mud etc  will find its way into your Jeep Comanche. The easiest form of protection is to use seat covers. They are easy to pull on and off as well as being easy to clean and many can even be cleaned in your washing machine. They’re available in a number of colors, styles, and will enhance the interior of your jeep Comanche.

For night driving in rough conditions you might want to add a set of light bars.  Fitted with some rugged spotlights these will help you avoid craters and boulders. Mounted above the windshield or on the front grille it will certainly help to light your way.

However you decide to customise your Jeep Comanche just remember to use quality accessories whether they be branded or OEM.

Your Questions About Jeep Comanche Parts

Mandy asks…

Does Jeep Cherokee Parts Fit On A Jeep Comanche?

I am interested into buying a Jeep Comanche, it is a 1986 4.0l inline 6, i used to own a 1999 jeep cherokee, and the two vehicles are almost alike, but the reason i am asking this is because it is hard to find a jeep comanche and i was wondering if the parts from a cherokee were the same so i would not run into any problems if i ever needed parts

admin answers:

The suspension and steering is pretty much the same, most of the 1999 parts wouldn’t swap over due to year model updates as far directly popping in place.But as far as being able to find parts everywhere it is pretty much a Cherokee with a bed. Just have to find some of them in the right year model range. Pretty much everything from an 86 cherokee will bolt on.

Ken asks…

Used Jeep parts in San Antonio?

Anyone know where to find used Jeep parts in San Antonio? My dad’s looking for stuff like a grille, fender for a Jeep Comanche truck. Think it’s an ’87.

admin answers:

Directory to lots of auto recycling centers

William asks…

Do I need both parts for my Jeep?

I have a 1986 Jeep Comanche (same build as a Cherokee) that I have put a 4.5 inch lift on. I basically just did the “axle over” lift and bought a dropped pitman arm to return normal steering. When I welded the pads on the rear axle I used an angle finder to get that part all correct so my drive shaft isn’t at a wierd angle. But my front coil springs rub. I’m quite sure it’s just because I didn’t do anything with the control arms after lifting the vehicle 4.5″. My question is, do I need to replace both the upper and lower control arms to fix all of that or can I do just one or the other? Anyone have any reccomendations where to get aftermarket adjustable control arms? I like Quadratec myself. Thanks.

admin answers:

With a cherokee above 3.5″ of lift you definitely want to get adjustable front lower control arms – the geometry gets pretty bad above 3.5. You could probably get away with the stock uppers if you have to. As far where to get them I would say yeah quadratec is good, I would suggest Iron Rock Offroad. They traditionally work exclusively on Jeeps, and their customer service is amazing. Basically if they don’t work for you, they’ll take them back or figure out how to make it work. I bought a lift from them and was very satisfied with the customer service, and with the quality of their product.

David asks…

Is this a good jeep comanche lift kit?

i was looking around for parts on and saw this lift kit. I had been planing on lifting the truck 3″ but the cheapest lift kit i could find was over 400$. This lift kit is much cheaper, is there a reason for it being cheap? Is it a decent kit or missing parts or somthing? Thanks Here is the link below

admin answers:

Contact the seller to verify the kit is in good condition and has all of its parts.

Carol asks…

Jeep question? I have a 87 comanche, will part of a 87 Cherokee fit it and what years will fit. Were can I fin?

admin answers:

Cherokee and comanche shared allot of parts, engine, trans all the interior and front clip. Everything up to 96 will fit, with slight modification you can get 97 to 01 to fit.

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Your Questions About Used Jeep Comanche

Ken asks…

Jeep Comanche Speedometer off?

I have a 1989 jeep comanche 4×4 4.0 i6. i know i need speedometer gears, but which gears can be used in the comanche. i have checked every website and they dont have gears specificly for the comanche, only the wranglers and stuff. can any others be used?

Doug answers:


Maria asks…

Jeep comanche tires?????????

what is the biggest tires i can use on my stock jeep comanche 4×4.
i am using 235 size tires right now ( which i dont dont know what 235 tires are). i want the biggest ones i can fit with very little rubbing

Doug answers:

The biggest tires you can fit on your Comanche with stock ride height are 29″. Yours are about 29″ tall, and the biggest you could probably go are 255/70R15. You may be able to squeak by with a 30×9.5R15, but it may rub on corners.

If you don’t want to get a lift kit, go to a tire shop and have them help you out.

Chris asks…

wiil a ax15 fit on a 88 jeep comanche 4.0 eventhough they started using them in late 89?


Doug answers:

Yes. The bell housing is the same. The AX15 replaced the Peugoet trans. It was a terrible trans.

Joseph asks…

My Jeep comanche won’t go into 4WD?

I bought a 1992 Jeep comanche truck, and although the previous owner said the 4WD works, I don’t think they ever used it. It’s very stiff and if a great deal of pressure is applied, I can move it into 4WD and it works, but I’m worried about forcing something so stiff. Can I spray WD-40 on the linkage, or does anyone have any suggestions ?

Doug answers:

The manual 232 transfer case can be shifted into 4H at any time and should be easy. Shifting into 4L requires being in neutral, and as you move the lever, actually moves gears from one connection to another. It is not at all slippery smooth as the gears have no synchronizers, and can even balk when the squared edges match too closely. It is nothing like a regular manual transmission which must shift easily at all times. Shifting the transmission to neutral and releasing the brakes will let the gears rotate enough to slip together in most cases.

Have another experienced Jeeper try it, and compare theirs with yours. You should be able to quickly tell if there is a real problem, or it’s just like all the others.

As for WD-40, it’s just light fish oil suitable to dry out distributor caps. It’s overmarketed hype and not used by knowledgeable pro’s in the trades.

Ruth asks…

1988 Jeep Comanche gauge problems/ not working.?

I have a 1988 Jeep Comanche Sportruck and all of the gas, speed, etc gauges are not working. The lights that lit up the gauges used to work before I recharged my battery, since the jeep was left sitting for a couple months. But ever since I had the truck none of the speed, gas, and all the rest of the gauges have been reading/ working anything at all. What could the problem be and how could I fix this myself before having to go to a repair shop? Thank you for your help I’ve had this problem for so long and it’s just time for me to fix this.

Doug answers:

Check fuses, if not a fuse, replace the dashboard gauge circuit board.


Check the simplest and cheapest things first (fuses). If it is not a fuse problem, the easiest (and possibly the cheapest) step is to replace the dashboard gauges with parts from a junk yard.

You might have blown the voltage regulator on the dash board (not the voltage regulator associated with the alternator). The difficulty of getting out the old dashboard gauges, and replacing a single component is slightly more than the difficulty of getting out the old dashboard gauges and replacing the who dashboard gauge circuit board, gauges and all.

You might have also blown some gauges, so even if you fix one component, you might have to go back in to fix more.

It is better to recharge the battery when it is disconnected from the car (to avoid the possibility of blowing out sensitive electronics such as dash boards).

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Your Questions About Newgrounds

Nancy asks…

newgrounds ?

what is higher than excessive nudity on newgrounds

Doug answers:

I don’t really understand your question

Joseph asks…

How do animations get front page on newgrounds?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how animations get front page on newgrounds. Don’t tell me it’s talent alone, because I know my animation was way more well made than some other ones that got front page the same day, and mine didn’t. Does there have to be a certain amount of people that request it, or is it just done randomly?

Doug answers:

It’s all “picked by P-bot”(automated) based on score and popularity.

The fastest way to get on the front page would be to make sure your game or movie gets lots of attention, though I wouldn’t post about it on the BBS since they tend to down vote anything you post.

I am SLiPZ on Newgrounds btw.

Mark asks…

What program do the users of the Newgrounds Audio Portal use for making techno?

I’ve been listening to and downloading a lot of the techno songs from Newgrounds Audio Portal and I was just curious as to what program people use for making it.


Doug answers:

I use FL Studio. It’s free if you get the demo version. The only thing about that is you can’t save projects, so you have to do a song in 1 sitting, which can take hours. I’m saving up to buy better software. If you want to check out my page on newgrounds, it’s the 1st link below.

I think FL is one of the best for electronic music (Basshunter made “all I ever wanted” with it), but there are many more programs to do this stuff:

Propellerheads Reason
East West Quantum Leap

That last one costs a lot, but it has the best sound quality by far. Here are some links to these.

Sandra asks…

Why does the videos on newgrounds go white?

Whenever I click on a video on newgrounds the videos just go blank white. Why is this happening?

Doug answers:

You mean flash movies/games? The reason for this is because you don’t have the latest flash player plug-in downloaded. This plug-in allows you to view flash content, such as the videos on Newgrounds. Go here to download the most recent player (it’s free):

Helen asks…

How to make a pop up box like in newgrounds?

I am trying to make my site, so if you click the video, a box will pop up like on newgrounds, and show the video inside of it. I don’t want people to answer how to make a regular pop up box, I want it with like the custom border, like on newgrounds. Thanks to those who help

Doug answers:

The effect at Newgrounds is known as a popover, and requires Javascript to work. There are many ways to implement a popover, but the easiest is by using a plugin for a library such as jQuery. One such plugin is Thickbox (see the link below).

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Your Questions About Jeep Comanche Pickup

Mary asks…

Where can I get engine schematics for 1987 Jeep Comanche pickup?

Doug answers:

It might be easier to find them for a 87 Cherokee. (same drivetrain)

Sandra asks…

how much would a alternator b 4 a 1989 jeep pickup Comanche ?

i was wondering cause i always ferget a lot 2 turn of my lights or something i have a kill switch but i fergot 2 hit it 2 lol so my battery was right flat again wouldent even turn over just nothing. most times it just clicks but now it dont do anything an my dad boosted it an started it but he sayd he heard rattling or something an says it is my alternator cause he let it run 4 5 min an then shut it off an went 2 start it again an it wont start so how much will b?

Doug answers:

Around 125$

Daniel asks…

Will wheels from a 2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon fit a 1987 Jeep Comanche PU?

I want to upgrade the stock wheels on the very nice looking 2WD pickup to the 17″ wheels. Will the wheels fit with bolt pattern and offset/backspacing?

Doug answers:

Dont think so,IIRC the comanche is 5×4.5 bolt pattern,and I think 06 up is not.So you would need pre 06 Rubis-Great lookin rim btw

Paul asks…

1986 jeep comanche 4.0l H.O. swap-no spark?

I know this is a pretty broad question but i just finished swappin the motor in my 86 comanche pickup from a carberated 2.8l to an efi 4.0l with automatic from a 92 cherokee and it was a pretty big swap cause i changed: the motor, tranny, t-case, dash, steering column, engine wire harness and computer and dash wiring harness as well as the gas tank. At this point the motor cranks over fine and everything works fine and it does fuel pressure. as far as i can tell everything under the hood is plugged in and i didnt butcher any wiring when i initially pulled the motor. i just cant figure out why it doesnt have spark. does anyone have any experience with this motor or know where or what i should look for? is there anything under the dash i should be looking for?

Doug answers:

Go back to basics and check all of the powers and grounds. In all that is the most common cause when it comes to big swaps like you are talking about. One ground wire that was forgotten can really mess with you. With all that you changed, I would imagine that there were at least 8 to 10 grounds that would need to be connected. Good luck

Thomas asks…

Will the air/fuel mixture screw adjustment help if it floods when cold?

I have an older (1986) model Jeep Comanche pickup with a 2.8liter V-6 engine with a 2-bbl(2-SE) carb. I was told that being over 100K miles, it needed to be rebuilt. Runs fine when warm. When cold, it floods out. If I’m in a hurry, I have to spray (1) squirt of ether in the carb and it starts immediately. Will turning the air screw help? If so, richer or leaner?

Doug answers:

I had the same problem with a toyota truck i had years ago–it was the AAP diapham in the carberator–(auxillery accellerator pump diapham)–replaced that for 25.00 bucks and she ran great—not sure about a jeep, but i have always went to the dealer and talked to the service manager, told him what the problem was, and they would tell me what to fix–hope this may help you

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Your Questions About Comanche Jeep

Sharon asks…

More jeep comanche problems, what voltage should be at the wires connecting to the ignition control module?

I tested the ignition switch, and its getting power in start and run. When i look at the Ignition control modual, their are 2 harnesses going into it, one with 3 prongs one with 2. Both have yellow wires. The 2 pronds has one yellow wire, and nothing in the other prong, and in start and run that gets around 5.1 volts. In the 3 wire harness the other yellow wire gets 12 volts. Is this a clue as to whats wrong? One yellow wire comes from the ECU, one comes from the switch. Basically what im asking is does the ECU put out 12 volts normally? is this 5.1 reading a problem? The schematics show one coming from the keyswitch and one frmo the ECU, but its impossible to tell which is which. If anyone has any insight it would be extremely helpful, thankyou.
Its a 1988 jeep comanche 4×4 with the 4.0 strait six. It starts up and dies. However if you hold the keyswitch in the on position it continues to run.

Doug answers:

12 volts

Susan asks…

I have a jeep comanche 2.5 liter that will always start cold but warm it just turns over till its cold again?

Doug answers:

Sounds like the temperature sensor is going bad. It is telling the computer that it is to hot to run, so it will not start until it cools down. Change out the temp. Sensor.

Helen asks…

What automatic transmission does my 1991 jeep comanche pioneer inline six have in it?

Doug answers:

Aisin-Warner AW-4
23 spline if H.O. Engine
otherwise 21-spline.

Linda asks…

Can’t keep my 1992 Jeep Comanche running. It will kick over, but die as soon as I take foot off accelerator.

I turn key to start truck and it will start up with a little goosing of the accelerator. To keep it running, I have to keep goosing it. If I take my foot off the accelator it will die. I have replaced Spark Plugs and Wires, Distributor Cap and Rotor. In the past year, I have replaced MAP Sensor, Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, Fuel Filter, Idle Air Control Valve, Fuel Injector Pressure Regulator. Not sure what else I can do but take it to a shop and get ripped off. Is there a chance it could be the Fuel Pump? Someone told me, if it was the Fuel pump, being electric, it wouldn’t be able to keep running at all even if I kept goosing the accelerator. Is this true? I am at a loss and really don’t want to have to put it in a shop after I have already put this much time and money into it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx for your time.

Doug answers:

Check your throttle body, IAC motor, and fuel injectors. Make sure something is not impeding your airflow into the engine. Your problem sounds like an air/fuel delivery problem. Also, make sure your IAC motor is actually working. Just because you replaced it doesn’t mean it will work if there isn’t any voltage to it. If it is inoperative, it will not open up when you let off the throttle and will choke off the engine. Check it out. Lastly, check the fuel injectors. If they are dirty and/or getting clogged, then the short pulse width at idle may not be enough to keep the engine running. Hope this helps.

Laura asks…

Was this too much for a Jeep Comanche?

For a 1989 Jeep Comanche with 190k kilometers and it’s in immaculate condition, I paid $2850. Was that too much? It’s, like I said, in very good condition.
It’s a 4×4, standard.

Doug answers:

If its a 2wd yes way too much, if it is a 4×4 just about right price as these are getting hard to find in decent shape

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Your Questions About Jeep Comanche Lift Kit

William asks…

Jeep comanche lift????????

i am wanting to lift my jeep comanche 3″. what must the lift kit i buy include. i know it must have brakeline extension but what else?
i have never seen a lift kit come with all that for just 3″

Doug answers:

Dropped pittman arm, longer sway bar links, revised track bar bracketing and/or longer track bar longer shocks. Shims for lower control arm at body to adjust pinion angle [some kits provide other means of doing this]
you will also need longer vacume tubes for fnt. Axel disconnect.
Note larger wheels and tires may overpower the stock steering damper.
Especially if old and worn.

Richard asks…

Jeep Lift Kit Question?

Will a lift kit that fits on a 1990 jeep comanche fit on a 1998 jeep cherokee classic?

Doug answers:

That’s a totally different vehicle as was said before but the comanche is a cherokee front with a truck box the front half should be the same i figure someone is selling one for a good price locally i would get out your measuring tape and start taking down measurements on your jeep particularly the width of the rear leaf springs and the distance eye to eye on your rear leafs. Also just to be safe do the same thing on your front then go look at the lift and make the same measurements
if you can weld there should be no problem modifying your jeep to fit them
and if you plan on doing this go to jeep forum and have a look at what the real jeep experts know

Linda asks…

is it bad to put a lift kit and big tires on a 2wd jeep comanche???

Doug answers:

No – and it can look really cool. Take a look at some “pre-runner” looks, too. Very sporty.

Fix it like you like it and enjoy!!

Betty asks…

can i put a jeep xj lift kit on an mj?

so ive been looking for a 3 inch lift kit for my 88 comanche but i cant find squat. the only one i can think that might fit is from an mj. also, has anyone replaced the timing chain cover gasket on a 4.0 HO an mj? mine is leaking pretty bad. i would like to know how easy it is.

Doug answers:

This is a trick question right? 😉

The Comanche *is* an MJ. :-0

Looks like there are lots of lift kits to be had. The MJ was essentially a Cherokee (XJ) with a pickup bed where the rear seats and cargo area goes. Same unibody construction too.


As for the timing chain gasket …I can’t help you there ..haven’t had to do that. Looks like the big deal there is removing and reinstalling the vibration damper …gotta use a special puller for that but you could probably score a free loaner from AutoZone or other big chain parts retailers. That’s of course once you “dig down” and get all the other stuff out of the way (fan shroud, accessories, A/C compressor).

Now this is a link the Great Lakes XJ site and you can score a gratis copy (.pdf) FSM for the XJ …but the section on the engine should be the same for your MJ:

David asks…

Is this a good lift kit?

It sure seems cheap, but i dont need anything fancy. whats the pros and cons

Doug answers:

Don’t know the pros and cons for your application, but I do know that Skyjacker is a good brand and I run a leaf spring lift kit of theirs on my ’89 YJ.

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Your Questions About Jeep Comanche

Laura asks…

jeep comanche?

where could i find a 3 inch body lift for a 1987 comanche ? Also, what about a replacement motor ( 4.0) ? I have looked all over the web and cannot find anything. How much would my gas mileage be affected with a 3 inch lift and 31 inch tires ?

Doug answers:

The Comanche and the Cherokee have the same drive train i would recommend a 2 inch level kit it comes with 2 inch coil spring spacers for the front and shackles or blocks and new u-bolts for the rear i currently am running 31/11.50R15 on the stock suspension no lift and i have a very slight tire rub on the lower arms at full turn left or right to fix this problem new angled arms are needed personally i would stay away from body lifts suspension lifts work better as for the engine you can rebuild the 4.0L or find a crate engine it will most likely be cheaper to rebuild the engine try looking at Cherokee’s for parts for the suspension quadratec is a good place to start or try that should get you started

Donna asks…

What is causing my Jeep Comanche to leak gas?

I have a 1989 Jeep Comanche 4.0 liter 4×4 that sometimes leaks gas. It leaks like a sieve when the truck is started in the morning, then stops leaking. We took it to the shop and they replaced the O ring. Now two months later it is leaking again when started, then seals itself and doesn’t leak. What could this be?

Doug answers:

The fuel pressure regulator on these leaks. I had one that ran me all over the place. I replaced all the o-rings w/ no luck. Then I found it was the regulator assemby. These are kinda expensive new- try junk yards. Good luck.

Sharon asks…

How to find and fix vacuum leaks on a jeep comanche?

i believe ihave some vacuum leaks on my jeep comanche 4.0………how do i find them, and fix em

Doug answers:

We always used carb cleaner with the attached straw… Spray it lightly on the vacuum lines slowly along its length and when you hear the engine stumble you are close to the leak.. Usually found close to fittings and/or frayed cracked areas.. Good luck!

Lisa asks…

Where can I buy a Jeep Comanche Logo?

Im looking for the little silver lettering that comes on all veichles that says what it is (ex: Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, F-150 ect…) Im a looking for the one that goes to a Jeep Comanche. I am in the process of fixing one up,

Thanks for your help.

Doug answers:

You can try a Jeep dealer but I also googled your question and found the following site that specializes in Comanche parts you may want to try.


Good Luck!

Top Care Specialist
Chrysler Group LLC

Robert asks…

I have a 88 Jeep comanche with the inline 6 every onces in a while when i start it it will over rave to 3,000?

I have a 88 Jeep comanche with the inline 6 every onces in a while when i start it it will over rave to 3,000 RPMs and stay there intill i shut it off what could that be.. and its not because its out of time already had that checked

Doug answers:

Replace your throttle position sensor ( TPS ). Common issue with them, it’s like a variable resistor that tells the ECM (computer) the gas pedals position. Moisture would seep into the sensor and result in an inaccurate reading. It’s not difficult to replace and no relearning or special tools are required.

Edit: forgot to mention, it’s mounted to the throttle body. Just buy the part and you’ll see how it mounts ($30 – $60 maybe).

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Your Questions About Jeep Comanche Bike

Betty asks…

Addendum to question about Jeep Comanche bike:?

As a followup to my question about the Jeep Commanche bike, would it be advisable, given that I don’t have much money to spend on a bicycle, to purchase the comanche bike, as I don’t have much to spend?

Here’s a link to the ad, please look it over:

As you’ve all said, the Jeep line isn’t good (but I only have about $150.00 to spend on a bike which means it’s either this bike or a Costco bike).

Thanks a bunch,


Doug answers:

I’ll be honest -this is not a tough bike. Its basically the same as a costco bike with some Jeep stickers on it. This is actually made by a larger co. Called Pacific cycle which also owns Schwinn, mongoose and GT bike, but they make their own models also. They have jeeps, chryslers, hondas, and smith &wessons from what ive seen. I know how these bikes are, i bought a honda bike from them and it came with a front wheel that looked like a potato chip. But it looks like your buying this on used. I still have my Schwinn S40 mtb that i bought from them Aug of 2005. It was great when i bought it, but after a while, things broke, and now i upgraded [$2000 worth] everything except the frame and seatpost, which i will be replacing within 2 months.

Bottom line – if you just commute in the city or like to hit the unpaved trails occasionally, this thing will hold up for some time. Other than that, save your money for something better.

Laura asks…

The gears on my Jeep Comanche bike don’t work? Please help?

I have a Jeep Comanche 2.4 bicycle. Its a department store bike but it has been good until recently. The only gears that work are 4th and 3rd, there should be 5 gears in total 1 being the easiest to cycle in, by the looks of things 4 th gear is the same as 2nd when the bike was working properly and 3rd is 1st, i can’t change out of the two at all as the shifter is stuck between the two. The bike has DNP Epoch 5 derailleurs and Dnp epoch brakes. I would like you to tell me how to fix the gear system please.

Also the brakes are disconnected so if you could also provide me with a bit of help with that I would be very great full.

Doug answers:

Is Google broke? How to adjust a rear derailleur on the first link below. Tons of info. Just match up your bike to the correct video or article. Same thing applies to the brakes.

If you still can’t figure it out – take it to a bike shop. Let a pro fix it. Bottom line: Always know what you are doing beforehand. If you don’t know – Google it or ask someone first.

Thomas asks…

Quality of Jeep brand bikes? Specifically, Jeep Comanche Tsi?

Hello bike aficianados,

I’m looking to buy a [used] Jeep Comanche bicycle (if it’s of good quality) from an online seller, located nearby my hometown. What are the good points and bad selling points of Jeep bikes? This particular bike, which is being sold for $170.00, has never “touched pavement”, which I guess is a good marker for a relatively new bike, though it’s 4 years old.

It’s either the $170.00 Jeep Comanche or the $90.00 CCM Revenge, sold at Canadian Tire, a Wal-mart-type store here in Canada, for a retail value of about $300.00 CAD.

So… how are Jeep Comanche bikes in terms of quality, performance, durability and bang for your buck?


Here’s what the seller has included as a bio for the bike:

21 Speed, gear gauges, front&rear lights, master lock, 26″ wheels, 4 years old, original tires, never taken off pavement,, tool box, stored indoors.

Doug answers:

They are cheap, crappy and heavy bikes. Its a below average bike hoping to sell the Jeep name to people who will think its like being on off roader. Don’t bother with it. Its about four times as heavy as a decent bike and you will get tired quickly on it. It would be neat if Jeep had marketed the name to a better bike but they did not. Won’t impress anyone who knows anything when you ride a Jeep Bike. It sucks.

Carol asks…

Jeep Comanche 2.0 (Blue Silver Yellow) 20″ Mountain bike is worth how much?

Doug answers:

Common everyday discount store bike. Condition, condition, condition – and how old? Anywhere from junk to maybe $50 – tops.

Joseph asks…

Making a purchase on a MTB bike, preferably used.?


I’m looking for a used bike in the price range of $300-500.00, I’ve heard from people here on Yahoo Answers that they’ve had to resell their bikes valued at thousands for next to peanuts; a price I’d be willing to pay as a BEGINNER. That doesn’t mean that two, three or four years down the road, when my bike has been overridden, I won’t be purchasing a new bike.

Against the better judgement of just about a unanimous group of bike aficianados here, I’ve decided against making a purchase on a $170.00 Jeep Comanche Tsi bike, something that looks like (or probably is) out of a Costco catalogue, another word for cheap, ineffective scrap.

Here’s my favored options: (look in my area [Ottawa] and Toronto area)
Ottawa Police Department, my local PD, for auctions on bikes.
Lastly, a bikeshop… because their prices will naturally be higher than the above two, which will give me less availability.

So, where should I buy a good used MTB?

Thanks a bunch.
Suggestions are welcome as to what type of bike would fit a: 130 lb, 5’10” male, with relatively large (disproportionately) hip size, small feet (size 9, mens’), small hands, legs and feet, and large [weighty] head.

Doug answers:

Craigslist should do. I can ususally find the bike I want to buy within a day. In my area there are tons of bikes there.

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